We are blessed with a diverse and flourishing faith community at St. James the Apostle. Ever since our parish was established in 1972 years ago, we have been united as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Multi-Purpose Hall has served our parish family well as a temporary worship home for over four decades. But the intention has always been for it to become the Parish Community Hall, and for St. James the Apostle to build a permanent church.

Parishioners have been worshiping in the Multi-Purpose Hall since 1976. Since it was designed as a hall, not a Catholic church, it has a sparse appearance with cinder block walls. The hall lacks certain furnishings and features, replica rolex watche as well as the true atmosphere, of a permanent church. Now in 2020, the need for a new worship space has never been greater and we’ve never had more to gain from finally following through on our dream. Our parish community has grown to over 1,000 families and we desire a more beautiful and fitting space to encounter Christ and celebrate the sacraments. We plan to accomplish this goal through the United We Build Our Church capital campaign.

To learn more about the United We Build Our Church campaign, read our campaign Case Statement.