Father Antony Vazhappilly is a priest, poet, writer, and author of his latest book, “Wasting Time with Jesus.” He has written several other books including “A Marian Handbook,” “Songs for a Spiritual Journey,” “Stations of the Cross,” and “Mary of Nazareth” which he co-authored with Rev. Dr. Biju Michael. He is the current Pastor at St. James the Apostle Catholic Church in Fremont, California.

With over a decade of writing poems using his signature style of employing 24 lines with rhyme and meter, Father Antony Vazhappilly has a natural gift for conveying the Sunday Gospels through an artistic method of learning and reflection. His latest book, “Wasting Time with Jesus,” is his fresh take on the importance of devotion and adoration.

Inspired by his passion to educate readers about spiritual poverty, Father Antony Vazhappilly shares a consistent message in his books, poems and powerful homilies. And that message is, “we can never be bigger than God and we will find true and lasting joy and peace in our lives only through Him.”

Father Antony Vazhappilly was born in Trichur, Kerala in India and raised by his parents with a strong devotion to prayer and the Blessed Mother Mary. He joined the seminary at the age of 16 and was ordained as a Salesian priest in the order founded by Don Bosco.

Since becoming a Pastor at St. James the Apostle Parish, Father Antony Vazhappilly has transformed the church and community into a place of worship, fellowship and stewardship. It is a parish powered by volunteers with their selfless gifts of time, treasure and talent.

A man of humor and quotes, Father Antony Vazhappilly prays and dreams without ceasing. He makes things happen, one dream at a time, believing that little drops of water make a mighty ocean.