Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of our parish,
Where we learn that without your love we shall surely perish.
Here we deepen our love for you and our souls we nourish,
And ask for your love and friendship among us to flourish.

Open our eyes dear Lord, to see your love and care,
And count your blessings in a spirit of sincere prayer.
Sow in our hearts, our Creator, the seeds of gratitude,
And create in us, your children, a loving attitude.

Make us your candles, that burn daily in your service,
By giving, help us to experience your love and peace.
Teach us to give not out of duty, guilt or grudge,
But through a spirit of thanksgiving, guide us to pledge.

Dear Father, help us to build you a beautiful church,
Where we can all gather to worship and praise you much.
We believe with your help there is nothing impossible,
So guide us, Father, replica rolex daytona watch to make your temple remarkable.

We seek the intercession of St. James, our Patron Saint,
And of Mother Teresa, the modern-day saint.
This prayer we humbly bring to you, Heavenly Father,
Through Jesus Christ your Son, and Mary, our loving Mother.