Meet your 2020 Finance Council Members (All Volunteers) (L to R):

7 members of the St. James Finance Council

Patrick Valath, Resource to Finance Council (Parish Business Manager), Joe Parrish (Chair), Paul Nacino, Lars Cabrera, Father Antony (Pastor), Minnie Soria, Ury Gonzalez, Minda Santos (Bookkeeper) Not Shown

The purpose of the Finance Council:

An essential part of every parish organization is the Parish Finance Council. Our Pastor Father Antony is the legal representative of this parish and is responsible for the administration of church property and finances. He is assisted by the Parish Finance Council which is composed of members of St. James parish. This relationship demonstrates the sense of church as communion – the members of the Finance Council become sharers in Christ’s priestly, prophetic, and royal office in their own manner.

  1. Assist the Pastor in the administration of church goods, taking care that all assets are preserved and used for the purpose for which they were given. Offerings given by the faithful for a specified purpose may be used only for that purpose.
  2. Assist the Pastor in keeping the financial administration of the parish in harmony with the mission of the church. All parish decisions affecting the financial status of the parish are to be done by the Pastor following consultation with the Finance Council.

Members of the Finance Council shall be known by the people of the parish. The members should be visible enough in the parish to be sought out by parishioners when they have subjects of concern. The most important duties of Finance Council members are being available to parishioners to entertain suggestions, answering questions that do not break the bond of confidentiality, and serving as liaisons between parishioners and the Pastor.

Please contact Joe Parrish if you have any questions or concerns:

Joe Parrish, Chairman, Finance Council