A Brief History: 2008-present

Responding to God’s call, two sisters Shirley Aldana and Deenah Rhone, with the support of Elmie Shahab, was led by the Lord to St. Anne’s Church in Union City where they were welcomed and accepted by Fr. Geoffrey Baraan. A choir was formed and the group in one accord with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, called themselves God, Our Father Praise and Worship Ministry. They were asked to sing at the Mass every 1st Friday evening followed by the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. This went on for a year and a half until one day, Elmie Shahab, full of enthusiasm, invited Shirley to meet with Fr. Antony Vazhappilly, the new Parish priest at St. James the Apostle Catholic Church. Although Shirley Aldana was very happy and content at their new home at St. Anne’s Church in Union City, she was very sensitive to God’s leading in her life, and was always open for what the Lord prepared for her and the group.

After meeting with Fr. Antony she experienced an inner joy, peace and enthusiasm. She knew in her heart where the Lord was leading her but she needed to get confirmation from all of her members. After discussing the situation with the group everyone was filled with happiness and excitement and all were in agreement.
Fr. Geoffrey expressed his sadness that the group was leaving but was happy when they expressed the purpose of the move to St James Church. St. Anne was very successful and now stable with all its active ministries, so it was suggested that the group now help St. James to grow. Fr. Geoffrey gave his blessing and was all for helping Fr. Antony.

At first, God, Our Father Praise and Worship Ministry was requested to sing at the First Wednesday Mass, Mother of Perpetual Help Novena and the Healing Mass on the First Friday of each month as well as other special occasions. After a year and due to the growth in the numbers of parishioners attending, the 12:00 noon mass was added where God, Our Father Praise and Worship Ministry sings to date.

The first Mass, September 29, 2007, during which the group sang was officiated by Bishop Allan Vigneron with Fr. Antony also included the blessing of the Statue of St James. God, Our Father Praise and Worship Ministry will continue to spread the Word using the talents given to them by our most loving Creator.

He deserves All the Glory and Honor. Amen!!
“Not by Might, Nor by Power but By My Spirit, says the Lord” Zech 4:6-7

Mission Statement:
We, the members of the God Our Father Praise and Worship Ministry will push through our objective: to sing for the Lord and use, to the best of our ability, the talents the Lord has, in His grace, bestowed on each of us. We will contribute our share to the development of our parish so that the people belonging to it may find glory in His name, transform our lives and develop a closer relationship to the Lord. We shall strive to unite into one fold other parishes to the Lord by bringing to them our songs of joy and worship.