Can COVID-19 Be A Wake-up Call?

Whether Covid-19 is natural or man-made,
It caused a huge toll on health and such havoc it played.
Nothing so fearful the world witnessed since the Second World War,
It shook mankind as never before, reportedly more serious by far.

It caused many a death and made the world a grieving family,
Rich and poor it took and hundreds and thousands died untimely.
Without the loved ones around, death seemed even more lonely,
With social restrictions, funerals were held by few and quietly.

Look at Corona as God’s wake-up call to His children,
To wake up to a new beginning focused on life in heaven.
God’s message is very strong as though He is angry,
For long we abandoned Him denying we’re spiritually hungry.

God’s children, more and more, find time today for prayer,
Families come together to read the Word of God, which was rare.
It is God’s way of telling us without Him our life is empty,
He is there to help and guide us in every difficulty.

God wants His children to share their wealth with the needy,
The world has enough food for everyone if no one is greedy.
It is injustice to see the poor die of starvation
While the rich suffer seriously from constipation.

Will Covid-19 bring God’s children to a new awareness?
That God is their strength, without Him they suffer from emptiness.
No wealth or possessions can bring them lasting happiness,
In serving the Lord, He will fill their hearts with true gladness.

Fr. Antony Vazhappilly

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