04/29/20 – God Speaks to Us Through COVID-19

Man, you were the masterpiece of My creation,
With you, the world I brought to a completion.
I created you in My own image and likeness,
You weren’t an accident, but a reflection of My kindness.

Among My creations you were the most excellent,
Your intelligence and free will made you totally different.
I gave My creations for you to explore and subjugate,
With your talents and gifts brotherhood I thought you would create.

Instead, you rebelled against Me and lost your precious garden,
You failed to see My love and were tempted by Satan.
You continue to overpower Me and be in control,
I made you less than an angel; you have to play your role.

All My creatures, fish and animals, I gave you to use,
But in your arrogance your freedom you did abuse.
In your selfishness you destroyed the environment,
Land and water you corrupted at your pleasure and enjoyment.

You made My creatures unsafe in the woods and water,
They would protest against you if they had the power.
You encroached into their safe zone and hunted them down,
I created them, their cries for rescue, I can’t shut them down.

You can never equal Me for I am Omnipotent,
Be not slow in learning; work on your temperament.
Your wealth you’ll not carry beyond, you are just a steward,
Living is more divine than having; this is your ultimate reward!

By Fr. Antony Vazhappilly

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