04/15/20 – Father Antony’s Message

My Dear Parishioners,

ON SATURDAYS: We will continuing live-streaming Mass at 5:00pm.
EVERY SUNDAY: The BLESSED SACRAMENT is exposed from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

You are most welcome to stop by the church and spend as much time as you want. Before you leave, I will give you Holy Communion. This way you are keeping safety measures. I am available for Communion all the time. Please do not bring too young children. But older children should come.

SUNDAY OFFERINGS: My dear Friends, as you can imagine, we are not having Sunday collections. Please do not forget your Parish. Please keep aside your generous Donations without which we cannot run our parish. You know that. You can mail in your donations, use Online Giving through Our Sunday Visitor (see sjapostle.net/churchwebsite) or you can come
on Sundays and put it in the basket in front of the Altar.

Keep me in your prayers. Thank you for all your love and concern for me. As I said, I am praying for you every day. May God bless you!

Father Antony Vazhappilly
Pastor, St. James the Apostle Catholic Church

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