2021 St. James Yearbook

St. Joseph holding Baby Jesus

This past year 2020-2021 has seen COVID restrictions, changes in our daily lives, a presidential election, tightened COVID restrictions, vaccinations, lifted COVID restrictions and a new way we interact with each other. The Daily St. James Rosary, started in October 2020 and is now part of our new routine every night. The cameras and live-streaming equipment have been put away but our memories of outdoor Masses are saved on Facebook, thanks to Billy Panganiban and his team. Mass has moved inside but the masks still remain. Everyone is being careful to maintain distance and use hand sanitizer. “Peace be with you” from a distance. We are thankful for our St. James Community and the fellowship we are able to share again, somewhat, in person.

Carolyn Fiori, Bulletin and Yearbook Editor

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