Joseph the Carpenter

Joseph’s communication with God was through dream,
God told him to take Mary as wife in a dream.
He was told by God to go to Egypt in a dream,
And again, God told him to return in a dream.

He was shocked to come to know Mary was pregnant,
He did not want to expose her to punishment.
Quietly he was considering a divorce,
When in a dream Joseph could clearly hear God’s voice.

Thus, he became the faithful husband of Mary,
He would take care of her without any worry.
Proud he was to see his Son growing up in love,
In all His ways Jesus was gentle like a dove!

He had won people’s love as a skilled carpenter,
Everything he made bore the seal of his character.
Villagers admired him as an honest worker,
With dedication he took care of every order.

Jesus started by helping his carpenter dad,
To learn the skills at woodwork He was only glad.
A fast learner, soon He became a great carpenter.
His Mother Mary was an honored onlooker.

Jesus first tried His hands by making a small cross,
Daily it reminded Him of His death on the cross.
To die on the cross, was His Father ‘s will for Him,
Without cross, our hope of salvation will be grim.

By: Fr. Antony Vazhappilly