We, the members of St. James the Apostle Pastoral Council, are dedicated to our faith in Christ, serve the parish in prayerful love, and work together for St. James Parish. We meet monthly to pray for the parish, discuss parish-related issues, and provide feedback and advice to our Pastor, Fr. Antony. We also listen to parishioners’ concerns and discuss issues that affect the parish. When discussing issues, we strive for consensus but are honest about our reservations. Through prayerful reflection, we seek God’s will for the parish.

Although we represent varied backgrounds and serve in many other ministries, we are united in prayer for St. James Parish. We have found that in serving together through prayer, we have become closer to each other. Bound by our faith in Christ and service to the parish, we are a family.
We welcome all parishioners to share their concerns and ideas with any of us. Please pray for us as we pray for you.