Message from Father Antony 5-8-20 (Mother’s Day and Fatima Celebration)

My Dear Parishioners,

How are you and your families doing? Hope you are keeping fine. The question uppermost we have today is, “When are we able to go back to Church and attend daily and Sunday Masses?” I wish I had an answer. However, even though our church has been closed down, you have opened your home as your domestic Church. I know some of you are attending, through online, daily Mass and more than one Mass on Sundays. Let us continue to make our home a DOMESTIC CHURCH.

I want to talk about three things today. Before I do that, let me take this opportunity to thank those families who participated in the Marian Competition by decorating the statues or pictures of our Blessed Mother Mary who we honor, in a special way, in the month of May, a month dedicated to her. About thirty five families participated. You will hear more about them from Carolyn Fiori, (through Facebook) who took charge of this program. I am grateful to her and her panel of judges. This was the first time we did it and we shall continue it every year.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mothers, grandmothers and godmothers! You can count on my payers for your various intentions.  The Holy Mass, this Saturday will, in a special way, be offered for you. Thank you, MOTHERS for all your sacrificial love. We appreciate what you do for us and our families. May God bless you a hundredfold!

FATIMA DAY- MAY 13. For the first time we are going to have Fatima Mass virtually. I have been looking forward to the Fatima celebration 2020, starting on May 13. We are disappointed that it has to be only by streaming. The Mass is going to be Live-streamed at 7.30 PM, which unfortunately only ten can participate in the church. I have asked the Knights to select four men to carry the Marian statue. We will not have an outside procession. My dear friends, let us attend this Fatima Mass with even more fervor and love. Nothing will stop us from loving her. She is our best way to Jesus, her Son. Please prepare for this celebration by inviting all your children and relatives. Organize a special Marian Gathering at your place. Do something special that day for our Heavenly Mother.

YOUR SUNDAY OFFERINGS: Many have been asking me how to send their Sunday offerings. As I have mentioned before, there are many ways you can give:

  • You can mail your checks to the Parish address. I am glad that many do it this way.
  • You can send it through Online Bill Payment. If you don’t know how to do it, please ask me.
  • You can sign up for online giving. Check the St. James website. If you need help, let me know.
  • You can bring it to the church on Sundays (Every Sunday we have Adoration from 8:00AM to 1:00PM. You can receive Holy Communion). A collection basket is placed in front of the Altar.
  • If you are passing by St. James, you can come in and put your envelops in the mailbox by the entrance door to the Rectory, where I live.

In closing, thank you for your continuous support. Keep praying for our dream Church which we shall start with increased enthusiasm once we are free from Covid-19.

Assuring you of my love and Prayers,

Fr. Antony Vazhappilly

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