Prayer to St. Joseph: The Guardian of Catholic Families

Dear St. Joseph, in you we’ve a model husband,
Your love for Mary, your wife, was a loving bond.
With your concern and affection, you filled her heart,
Your words or thoughtless actions never caused her hurt.

Dear St. Joseph, you were such a loving father,
To Jesus whom you nourished as the caretaker.
You were broken when you lost Him in the temple,
By finding Him you became the best example.

Dear St. Joseph, we choose you as our protector,
Protect our families from every disorder.
Watch over your children from the darkness of sin,
In moments of temptations show us how to win.

Dear St. Joseph, defender of peace and justice,
Help us to build our homes on love and sacrifice.
Show everyone his or her responsibility,
To preserve and protect the spirit of unity.

Dear St. Joseph, help us to build true Christian homes,
Where young and old are accepted and feel at home.
Remove from our hearts, selfishness, and arrogance,
And bind us with the unbreakable chord of patience.

Dear St. Joseph, show us the merits of forgiveness,
May our hearts never hoard resentments or bitterness.
Be by our side, whether we are awake or asleep,
At the hour of our death, in God help us to sleep!

By: Fr. Antony Vazhappilly