Can COVID-19 Be A Wake-up Call?

Whether Covid-19 is natural or man-made,It caused a huge toll on health and such havoc it played.Nothing so fearful the world witnessed since the Second World War,It shook mankind as never before, reportedly more serious by far. It caused many a death and made the world a grieving family,Rich and poor it took and hundreds … [Read more…]

04/15/20 – Father Antony’s Message

My Dear Parishioners, ON SATURDAYS: We will continuing live-streaming Mass at 5:00pm.EVERY SUNDAY: The BLESSED SACRAMENT is exposed from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM. You are most welcome to stop by the church and spend as much time as you want. Before you leave, I will give you Holy Communion. This way you are keeping … [Read more…]